You’re beating around in a coil
From the kill to the rouse
Now the meats in the mouths
& the feats your mechanical poise
Got to seep it all out
Got to kill through the crowds
But the pieces are found
& destroyed
Now the fleets are all out All I need is you now
& you knew this was bad from before!
Are you feeling it now?
Our existence is down

You’re the feeling, the malefic thought
Come & beat it all out
Rip the grief from your mouth
But you fill the mechanical void
Got to creep through the gaps of the mystery mass
Now the future was bound to destroy
& it freaks you all out when I say all I need is you now
But you knew I was fucked from before!
Are you feeling this out?
Now dependence is ours

Y o u ‘r e  c o l d  b l o o d e d

This is the same as us
You’re cold blooded
Despite all this fighting
My inhibitions numb

I know the DAMAGE is done
We killed it all in the bud
I know there’s fire in your tongue
I blame myself for the cost