Bring in all mankind.
Leave hold your rough old love.
There’s blood on the barbed eyes.
You’re violating control.

Are you the reason I’m still intact?
Do you forgive? Do we hold attack?
You’re the cadence into my world

Because you pull the skin apart
& haul me into your consciousness.
There’s nothing more than you can touch,
lets make it just enough.
Now you play dead up to the bit where your conscience turns.
You bring the cold end to us
& call this not enough.

I’ll leave through the landmines.
Take a piece of my flesh & bone.
I’ll be the blood in the archive.
violence in no control.

Take a look, this is the same as hate.
For the grief you bore I’ll overcompensate.
It’s the wage of war before the same crusade.
It’s a beating up before we consummate