Now we begin the end, back to depravity.
Close in it’s murderous,
but love will come tumbling down.
Do we forgive again?
I’m all blood innocent.
Hoping the worst for us?
At least I’m only bruised, not dead.

You don’t need a God when the feeling is tamable.
No you don’t mean the love when the feeling is fadable

Break our hearts down

Is this wild & profane enough?
Break our hearts down.
You ignite all the veins in us.
You’ve nothing to bare.
Love is to dare.
A fade of all of colours.
No others break our hearts down.

I’ll bring deliverance;
I’ll leave the dead evil.
Close in it’s murderous
& knives will bring our bodies down.
There’ll be no
guilt again;
it’s in the weaponry.
Hoping it’s all confessed?
At least I’m only used, not dead.

& we sanctify in sacrifice.
No purity shines through, but I need you.
You’re the flesh
& fire, I’m gonna fate desire.
You pull out the rush to confess the touch