I feel no truth, no real
& live in the bastion
of fear
& fools, Believe!
we live in the bastion

Burn the light
I can’t let you go
Burn inside, open your arms
Burn the night
I won’t let you go
Unify, come in unify!

Now can you hold me close?
Or is the soul too beaten?
Now can you hold this close?
No purer soul
How does it feel to be denied? I need you!

Will the kingdom come, when our bodies turn into earth?

Now we’re caught, but it’s too far!

Now lie still & hold me dear
Our bodies in ravages
The fear before the thrill!
Nobody can damage us

& you feel me up
but your mind is in pieces?
I need your love like a hammer to the soul
I reveal the
lust ‘cause I’m balancing allegiance
I miss your touch but it was battering us both

They lay hands on me like I’m forgiven of the sin
Our flesh & bone is the fever, the bliss will abandon us